Atlas Shrugged Book Review

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Ayazhan Akhmetova Capitalism in Crisis ANT/PLS 204 Academic review #1 “Atlas Shrugged” – is a novel written by Ayn Rand in 1957. The book includes different genres such as romance, philosophical and science fictions, mystery that makes it unique in its way. Many people criticized the book, but still Atlas Shrugged is one of the greatest books in its time and it did not lose relevance in our time. The story of the book starts in the United States in certain future time, the author presents anti utopian model of the country where government wants to destroy free market relations and maintain planned economy. Ayn Rand shows the U.S without capitalism and market relations, where government intervenes and turn private companies into national ones as well as combines small companies with large ones, an example is Taggart Transcontinental railway company that was nationalized and merged with Phoenix-Durango railroad. Gradually starting from the big companies and then including all other…show more content…
What Ayn Rand did was illustration of the world without all innovative companies, competition among them and driving force to the economy. As a result, we see that the economic system can not survive without capitalistic relations and government interventions destroys the market economy and creates chaos. The philosophy of the author dictates that self-interest is good and rational selfishness should be practiced in order to survive in the market. In the book she supports this view by showing the effectiveness and prosperity of companies when they thrive to earn more money, create new technologies, for example the company Twentieth Century Motor Company which create engines made the brand new engine but because of the death of CEO and implementing the policy of payment and benefits program company went to
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