Change In The Atmosphere

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Our atmosphere is the biggest waste unit in modern time. It handles both the gaseous or the other kind of wastes that come from day to day activities of humans. It is also found that it has a ability of self cleaning. Many air pollutants disappear from atmosphere after some days after their addition to atmosphere. Some least soluble compounds are oxidized and are changed into water, carbondioxide and compounds that are soluble in water for their quick removal.
The cleaning capacity is low for some compounds as a result they will be present in air for a longer time.However air pollution and change in climate condition are directly related.Increase in levels of the green house gases alter the balance of energy among the atmosphere and surface
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It is brought about by different activites whether they are natural or natural activities. Natural activites may include biotic methods,different amount of sunlight radiation received on earth,tectonic plates or eruptions from volcano whereas human activites includes the pollution arising from activities of industries and other sources producing greenhouse gases. Human activities are the critical reason for the increase climatic change.
Gases like carbon dioxide have capacity to mop up all the spectrum of infrared light leading to increase in the warming of the atmosphere. The gases once absorbed are present in the atmosphere for hundred or thousand of years.
Most scientist give the major cause of climate change that is greenhouse effect.Factors which can shape climatic conditions are referred to as climate forcings or forcing mechanisms. These mechanism includes processes like variation in solar radiation,variation in earth’s orbit and the changes taking place in greenhouse gas concentration
Forcing mechanism are internal or external.Internal forcing mechanism are the natural process in the climate whereas external forcing mechanism are natural or anthropogenuic.
Some causes that leads to the change in climatic conditions
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The change in climate may also change many of these communities. Climate change also have a affect on tourism and recreational activities. A warming climate and changes in precipitation patterns will likely decrease the number of days when recreational snow activities such as skiing and snowmobiling can take place. In the Southwest and Mountain West, an increasing number of wildfires could affect hiking and recreation in parks. Beaches could suffer erosion due to sea level rise and storm surge. Changes in the migration patterns of fish and animals would affect fishing and hunting. Communities that support themselves through these recreational activities would feel economic impacts as tourism patterns begin to
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