Atomic Bomb Argumentative Essay

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World War 2 was coming to a close when the decision was made to drop the atomic bomb. The war was over in Europe, and almost over in Japan. There were justifications for the use the nuclear weapon, but they were for the most part either false or outweighed by the negatives. The US should not have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. The war with Japan was already coming to a close, making the atomic bomb drop pointless. Several factors were already in the process of ending the war. The most obvious one would have been to continue conventional bombings. Military analysts were convinced that the heavy air pressure over Japan would have be enough to make them surrender. Conventional weapons were pounding them, and making it very clear that resistance…show more content…
The bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still the only instances of nuclear weapons being used on humans, an irreproachable act alone. However, the fact that the bomb was used primarily on civilians, not military, makes it much worse. Especially considering that the people of Japan had no democratic rights to oppose a war with the US. The complete decimation of whole neighborhoods and families left deep holes in people’s lives. The bomb created profound mental and physical ailments for many Japanese. The radiation caused by the weapon left most survivors and anyone that came in contact with either site with terrible ailments such as mutilations to their bodies and cancer. These people were shunned by the public because they were believed to have a contractable disease. The guilt and trauma of survivors also lead many of them to suicide. To inflict this much pain on people is never justifiable. The US should not have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. It was unnecessary. The war was set to end in other ways anyways. Because of this, the bombs only true purpose was to send a message to the Soviets. However, this was completely inhumane. The US put politics over the lives of civilians. And this was a move that ultimately failed anyway and led to the Cold War. The use of the atomic bomb was completely uncharacteristic for a country that puts such a high value on
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