Atomic Bomb Justified Research Paper

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Imagine that there is a decision to be made to launch the atomic bomb or not. The bomb was launched but was it justified? Years ago during WWll, a scientist Albert Einstein sent a letter to the president. It said that Germany was creating a bomb that would cause major destruction and the United States had to make one as well. Scientists started making the bomb and it became the Project Manhattan. Soon the U.S was attacked by Japan. The President then decided to drop the atomic bomb to end this war and quickly. The use of the atomic bomb on Japan was justified because it ended the war, was a better alternative than the others given, and helped save lives. The atomic bomb used on Japan was justified because it ended the war. One reason to this…show more content…
These soldiers are fatigued and wanted the war to end, they did not want to fight anymore. With the atomic bomb it helped them, it ended the war. The bomb even ended the war quickly after the two bombs were launched at Japan. This bombing made it justified by the quick end to the war because we helped those soldiers who were hoping to go home from the first place after the battle against Germany. Besides other people wanted that war to end as well. In the article “Why We Did It” ,it stated that people wanted the war to end (“Why We Did It”, 1995). People were tired of the sacrifice of the army. For better understanding imagine that someone has not seen their friend for a long time because they are fighting a war and they want to see them again and are tired of the war with Japan and just wants this battle to stop. Many people have felt exhausted from the long lasting wars being fought and wanted it to end. Soon the atomic bomb was the solution to end this. The atomic bomb made this justified because this made the long lasting war end and people knew they were going to survive and see their loved ones again. Soldiers have been exhausted physically and mentally thought the war and
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