Atonement Book Vs Movie Analysis

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Ian McEwan’s Atonement: at the border between book and movie

ABSTRACT The following paper will try to establish a borderline between the novel written by Ian McEwan in 2001 and the screen adaptation released in 2007 directed by Joe Wright. Some of a few differences will be delineated into a critical attempt to reveal if the movie follow precisely the points that the book emphasize under a very meticulous manner. In other words, to prove at the end, for the reader, that the novel and in the same time the film are worthy to be related one to another.

KEYWORDS: director, scriptwriter, screen adaptation, novel, prize, film, perception, history, postmodernism feature, wartime, scene, meta-novel, storytelling, storyteller, character, imagination, atonement

Nowadays, the novels are created in the manner that they can meet the expectations of popular taste. The very standing proof of their appeal to pop culture of the present century is the merely fact that they are often attracted by the film industry much appreciated and rewarded adaptations. In this category, one can simply name a deep novel, a literary and epic work called Atonement written by postmodern British author Ian McEwan. In order to this, the book was published in 2001 therefore a couple of years later, in 2007 precisely, the screen adaptation based on the novel was released under the mastering of the director Joe Wright and producers Paul Webster, Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan. Moreover, the screenplay was

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