Atrial Fibrillation Essay

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There are many things that can be done in order to manage atrial fibrillation such as undergoing certain procedures and taking certain medicine. With atrial fibrillation the medicine can be taken to aid with controlling the heart rate and preventing blood clots. The medication that can be used for this is amiodarone and Propafenone because they are antiarrhythmic. Antiarrhythmic drugs are use help with arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) in the heart. Amiodarone is a group three antiarrhythmic drug which means that it works by blocking the potassium channels which then slows down the cells ability to repolarize but it has properties of all four type of antiarrhythmic. Group one of antiarrhythmic blocks the sodium channels in the heart which then slows down the electrical conduction of…show more content…
The catheter is then has electrodes at the end of it. These electrode are then used to destroy the small parts of the heart that is causing the arrhythmia. Also, an atrioventricular node (av) ablation can be performed. This procedure uses a catheter to destroy certain tissues (av node) in the heart that allow the atria to send electrical impulses to the ventricles. After the atrioventricular node is destroyed a pacemaker is then put into place in order to allow the continuation of electrical impulse to the ventricles. Another surgery that can be done is a surgical maze procedure. In this procedure the doctors makes several small cuts on specific areas of the heart. When these cuts heal the form scar tissues. Scar tissues are fibrosis tissues meaning that they doesn’t carry out the function of the tissues that they are replacing they are simply there to bind the tissues together. Since scar tissues replace the small cuts in the heart they don’t carry out the electrical impulses which then slows them

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