Atrocities With Children: Documentary Analysis

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Atrocities with children is a documentary that gives viewers a short perspective of different forms of abuse that take place all over the world on a daily basis. This documentary presents about four different sad real life stories of children all over the world including the United States. The first story we saw was the unfortunate events children in Africa go through. Millions of people are infected with HIV in Africa. Infected individuals, particularly men, find themselves desperate to get cured of the virus. However, lack of resources and education leads them to commit a sexual offense. There is a myth that if a man with HIV has sexual intercourse with a virgin they will be cured from the disease. This bizarre belief leads men to rape children…show more content…
The second story that we saw was one that took place in our own country. Thousands of young girls are brought to America and enslaved. Young girls are brought to America with the belief that they will be coming here to study. Human traffickers make young girls believe that they will be receiving an education along with a pay for their domestic services. When they arrive they find themselves being victims of human trafficking. They are afraid to speak or ask for help because their captives have threatened them. These girls are abused physically, sexually and verbally. Human trafficking is the number one crime in America after drug trafficking and there are 50 thousand cases of slavery a year. The third story we saw was the awful working conditions children in other countries are put through. In Kenya children work for hours picking coffee beans that often burn their skin. For the reason being that America does not regulate overseas production 60 percent of the products we buy are produced by child labors. Another impacting story we saw was the story of one child soldier. The girl was kidnaped from school when a rebel group raided the school and kidnapped many young
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