Attachment And Resiliency Relationship

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RUNNING HEAD: ATTACHMENT AND RESILIENCY Attachment and Resiliency Relationship among University Students in Turkey Dilara Özel Middle East Technical University Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1.Introduction to the Problem 1.2.Statement of the Problem 1.2.1.Hypothesis 1.2.2.Research Questions 1.3.Purpose of the Study 1.4.Significance of the Study 1.5.Definition of Concepts and Terms used in the study 2. Literature Review 3. Methodology 3.1. Research Design 3.2. Participants 3.3. Instruments 3.4. Procedure 4. Limitations 5. Suggestions 6. References 7. Appendices Chapter I 1. Introduction 1.1.Introduction to the Problem We all have challenging and difficult life events in our lives such as…show more content…
Attachment with the primary care giver also promotes individuals and help them to cope with difficult events in their lives. Some studies show that people who have secure attachment can cope with difficult events in their lives in a better way. It is actually connected point with resiliency, however, we do not have any further information about this relationship between attachment and resiliency. In psychology and counseling literature, there are two bodies of knowledge: attachment and resilience. These theories have crucial points for one’s life. However, literature has lack of evidence to find a connection between them. Since attachment and resiliency have so many concepts in common, realizing the connection between them and using this at counseling session may help counselors and also clients to make the process better and quicker. Especially for university students and university counseling centers, time is the most important issue. Since there are so many students who want to get help from counseling centers but there are lack of counselors and also places to give counseling service, counseling centers are usually restricted the intervention process for students. In general, counselors try to refer their clients to group counseling sessions to use the time more effectively. With these group counseling sessions, they can reach so many students at one…show more content…
At these late adolescent years, people in general start to think about greater concerns regard to their earlier ones. In addition, their cognitive development, sexuality and ethic issues start to develop. Actually, in a way people in late adolescent years try to place their own personality. Therefore, attachment and resiliency issues should be mentioned not just for the sake of time at counseling centers, but also for improving university students’ resiliency and mention attachment issues while raising awareness about their own separate

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