Family Attachment Style Essay

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My name is Frances. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my younger sister and me.
My father is a cook. He is now working in Beijing. My mother is a housewife, she is a very kindly mother and she is my care giver. My younger sister, she is three years younger than me. All the members in my family live in harmony.
Attachment Style
Bretherton (1992) states that attachment style is the result of the internalization of early experiences with caregivers, principally the relationship with the primary caregiver. Attachment style is developed by caregivers. Babies come into the world and immediately begin interacting with another person
According to Ainsworth & Bowlby, the biological attachment of
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The actual self is the real characteristic that we actually have and the ideal self is the kind of person we would like to be and the characteristics that we would like to have.
The different between the actual self and ideal self is small, the level of self-esteems will be higher.
Morris Rosenberg (1965) introduced another way of defining self-esteem in terms of a particular type of attitude, one that is thought to be based on the perception of a feeling, a feeling about one’s “worth” or value as a person.
According to Coopersmith (1967), birth order can have an effect on self-esteem. First and only children receive more attention from and interaction with parents than those who arrive later.
Parenting style influence self-esteem.
Parenting style is defined as the child-rearing practices and interactive behaviors which have been developed and implemented by parents (Schwartz & Scott, 2003).
It affects the development of childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, especially in the early childhood.
And there are four types of parenting style: Authoritative, authoritarian, uninvolved and permissive. Different styles reflect the parental values and behavior. Moreover, it builds up different emotional climates in the

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