Attachment Theory: The Root Of Suffering

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The Buddha states that the root of suffering is an attachment. One might agree with this. I believe this statement to be correct but merely toward human beings. Suffering is often brought up in relationships. It’s frequently associated with people. Attachment is an affectionate bond toward a person, object, animal, idea. The tie is the state of being attached. The dictionary has a different approach to the subject matter. The attachment theory is said to be a set of concepts that explain the emergence of an emotional bond between an infant and primary caregiver, and the way in which this link affects the child’s behavioral and emotional development into adulthood. The bond between an inanimate item and a person is quite distinct. One might have manifold reasons for having affection toward an article. I will be talking about my attachment to certain objects. There are many reasons why I am emotionally connected to a remedy, “VEGEBOM”, one of my sweatshirts, and a picture. The cream is part of my life story. It brings me back to the past. The “VEGEBOM” provided by my home country, Burkina Faso, has been helpful to me recently. The minty light green medicine is trapped in a minuscule tube, waiting to be used. An ointment…show more content…
It can be toward an item, a human being, or a thought. I believe that the Buddha quote, “The root of suffering is attachment”, can be viewed in many ways. I believe that attachment to human beings bring suffering. Linking with inanimate objects do not. “With attachment, all that seems to exist is just me and that object I desire. This quote makes me think of what I desire. I yearn a connection with my aunt now that she is gone. These few objects somehow make that possible. I cherish these items for several reasons. My aunt used to send us the “VEGEBOM” from Burkina Faso. It also takes me back to my youth. I carry a photo of Aunt Amy in my wallet and preserve my sweater in her memory. I love you Aunt Amy. I always

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