Attack At Pearl Harbor Speech Analysis

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The haunted memories from a six-year-long war that stained history pages with all the innocent lives it took. The two famous speeches “Be Ye Men of Valour” and “Attack at Pearl Harbor” were spoken by two different men, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, that called to their nation on the threats that threaten them. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain, was at the request of France for aid for the Germans had broken through the French defenses. It was up to Churchill to tell his nation what was at stake as well as tell them what must be done to keep Europe out of the claws of the Germans. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the president of United States of America, was in his second term of the presidency when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. A surprise, unwanted attack on America that killed many Americans, Roosevelt called on his nation for an attack on one state is an attack on all. Roosevelt and Churchill 's speeches were both spoken in overwhelming emotions and repetition, with a different tone in their words.

In their darkest hours, their exceptional words move nations in time of war that has caused
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The one voice to unite all to a cause, the one voice to call upon their people to stop an aggressive foe, the one voice to gave their country a dying purpose of perils that have forced onto them. Roosevelt and Churchill where the voice to their country. Roosevelt spoke seriously and slow spoken for the people already knew him and already knew what has happened on their door step; “as commander in chief of the Army and Navy” (Roosevelt 2). Churchill spoke sorely and hopeful for his country; “our task is not only to win the battle - but to win the war” (Churchill 3). Even though there voices were different their, they still gave them purpose. Each speaker was willing to fight for his country, they were compelled into a war that threaten their freedom and their nation 's
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