Attack Of The Killer Lesbians: Film Analysis

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a. Describe one example of how intersectionality, cisprivilege and cissexism, or criminal archetypes played out in the film.
The biggest thing that came out of the film, was showing a lot of the criminal archetypes that were in the film, from “Attack of the Killer Lesbians”, “Attack of the Killer Dykes” (Doroshwalther) and other titles that were given to the ladies, and you see this in the news all the time, even nowadays even with different terms, and it is used to get as many views as they can, and do people deserve to get called something that they are in a harmful manner, no, they do not deserve that abuse.
Another thing you do seen in the film is intersectionality, with the headlines again, and almost guaranteed in the court case, it was most likely brought up, were these ladies considered lesbians, dykes, or any other names to better assist whoever was using the term. Be it the man using it, with his case of self-defense saying that he said certain things, then the ladies decided to jump them. To the ladies saying in their case of self-defense saying that they were protecting themselves because the guy was attacking them because they weren’t straight. Or as in what the newsletter had said ““I’ll f- – – you straight, sweetheart,” he told defendant Venice Brown, 19, before choking
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Describe a moment or scene in the film that you found particularly disturbing or important for the study of queer crime. What is the most disturbing thing I saw in the film, would be the murder of Sakia Gunn, why murder someone because you can’t get laid, and one of the worst things you see in it, is that well the Court System isn’t always the best. You look at how the plea bargain brings down the charges from murder to manslaughter. But at the same time, you look out how the lady was charged with attacking the man, even though it was later dropped. That I took 2 years for her to be released, and well you can see how the system isn’t always fair, or right, and needs to be
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