Attack Of The Man Eaters Analysis

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Evann Ange
Do you know the point of view or the character's perspective of “Attack of the Man-Eaters” or “Meet the Lion whisperer”?Kevin Richardson or the Lion whisperer has a huge passion to save the lions, while on the other hand in 1898 there was no one thinking they were going extinct so they killed them if they had a chance to because they also killed them.“Attack of the Man-Eaters” and “Meet the lion whisper” have similarities and differences such as point of view and character perspective

One similarity between “Attack of the Man-Eaters” and “Meet the Lion whisper” is point of view.One similarity is the point of veiw.In “Attack of the Man-Eaters” the point of veiw is in 3rd person limited. In “Attack of the Man-Eaters” they give the thoughts and feelings of Patterson.An example is on page 18 it says

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