Genghis Khan's Attack Strategy In The World

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Genghis Khan Even though Genghis Khan and his army killed 30 to 40 million people through his conquering of most of middle Asia with the help of a great army, he had the most powerful attack strategy in the world. In his early days he was know as Temujin. Temujin’s early life was very harsh and brutal, he grew up in a poor village with his mother and brothers (his father was poisoned when he was much younger). Temujin and his brothers would hunt for their food and it always ended with Temujin coming back with the greatest deer or critter, he was very skilled with a bow and arrow. One day himself and his older brother were hunting and they got into a fight over a small deer, it resulted in Temujin killing his older brother and his brother was never seen again. When he was older he married a girl named Borte’, who was later captured by mongolian enemies during a raid on their village. He asked the khan of that time to support him with troops, his request was granted, and he had been given full leadership over the soldiers. He rode the soldiers…show more content…
Genghis’s attack strategy was questioned by many of the soldiers, and most of his soldiers did not think it would work until they had won around 3% of his battles. Genghis’s leading style was not to cower behind his men, in every single battle that the Mongols won (Whenever Genghis was in the back they lost that battle miserably) Genghis was at the front of the army every chance he had and almost always had the first kill. If the Mongols were near defeat Genghis refused to retreat (some would call this bravery others would call this stupidity), the army had only ever lost 3 battles, and 2 out of the 3 Genghis came back and took those cities back. Genghis and his army were so feared that eventually they would start accepting a tribute in return for the towns lives, most of the villages he attacked refused this request and chose to fight
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