Attawapiskat Case Study

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April 26, 2016 Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Lately, First Nations people in Canada have been faced with many issues surrounding their living conditions, rights, and resources. Specifically, in Attawapiskat, a community located in the western Hudson Bay Lowland, they are facing a housing crisis. The housing conditions aren’t liveable, with one house containing 1 family including, immediate and non-immediate family. Families aren’t just living in houses, they are living in used donated trailers. The houses don’t have access to running clean water, or a significant source of heat. Above all, these houses are in need of desperate repairs as they are falling apart. The communities not only have bad housing but they are need…show more content…
But also to give them resources to benefit their future. The funding shouldn’t be just money going towards fixing the problems, but materials and resources to help fix the problem while getting the community back on their feet. Putting money towards the problem wouldn’t make a big difference within the communities because the people of Attawapiskat, particularly the Chiefs, lack the education to know how and where the money should be spent. Although, the money could help different materials could make a change. The government can give the community an opportunity to build the needed housing with the provided materials or even the access to better water. The government could also give the people of Attawapiskat an opportunity for a better education. Reflecting on what they could later attain. Lastly, awareness should be raised surrounding the condition of First Nations, and Attawapiskat. People should be better educated on how First Nations live and who they are. Breaking the notable barrier between the government, other Canadians and the First Nations people. Giving them hope and a sense of

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