Attendance Should Not Be Mandatory Essay

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Attendance At The University Should Be Mandatory Or Not
Attendance is mandatory in the university has always been a hot topic to debate about. The life of a student is very hectic as he/she is committed to activities like classes, homework, job, and daily activities and he/she does not have much time to spend for anything else. University authorities and professors say that it is mandatory for the students to attend the classes as its forms a lively environment, inculcates disciplines in students, improves time management skills and most important helps them to achieve higher grades in their course. But, on the other hand the students at the university say that they are adults and not kindergarten, and they have the right to choose the classes
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Students feel that its their right to prioritise activities they need. In some cases students argue that some universities do not allow them to attend internship, workshops and extracurricular activities, which will help them to develop their life skills. Students blame the professors as one of the reasons for not attending the classes, because students feel that professors are making the lectures very boring. In some case students say that professors themselves do not understand the subject and they merely give examples from the books, which is very boring. To students, sitting in such classes is very boring (Chaudhari, 2017). Another set of students say that they pay for the classes and they are the ones to decide which class to attend and not. Students believe that they are capable of gaining more knowledge even without going to classes. A study conducted recently reports that effort and intelligence are more important for grades and not the attendance. Students agree to this statement made as they feel that their focus and determination can get them high grades. To students penalising for not attending the classes, offering points for attending classes, grading the quizzes in the classroom are cheap strategies followed (Robert,
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