Attending College After High School Essay

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The decision to attend college immediately after high school is one of the many challenges high schoolers face upon graduating. There are several reasons why that attending college promptly after graduation is a good idea. It is more beneficial than waiting because one will already have the drive to continue on with school rather than waiting, one will also graduate sooner which in turn will result in better job opportunities, and one is more likely to apply one’s high school knowledge. By attending college immediately after high school, one is more like to continue with one’s momentum. If one stops and waits to return to school, one would lose that drive to challenge that higher education. By waiting to go to college, one is prone to prolonging the decision to return to school, therefore generating the possibility of not going back at all. For this reason, making that decision to continue on immediately after high school, one will stay motivated, which in turn will open new doors and new opportunities. Studies show that if one completes a degree program; one is more likely to get a higher paying job. Most high paying jobs also come with benefits. These benefits include insurance, paid time off, 401K plans, and more. Therefore, by …show more content…

One will keep momentum and continue on rather than risking losing motivation and not going back at all. The sooner one starts, the sooner one will graduate and open up newer and better opportunities. When one attends college immediately after high school, one is more likely to apply the knowledge one has just learned. Starting college sooner is overall better than waiting because it will aid in putting one ahead in

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