Attending College For The Future Research Paper

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“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” (Malcolm X). Obtaining a college education will give a person an enormous advantage in the future. It could be the difference between having a tremendous lifestyle or limited lifestyle. The reason I am attending college is it could lead to discovering the best fitting career, increase potential earning and personal fulfillment. A diverse amount of new fields will be exposed to me while pursuing a college education, both through required courses and the individuals throughout. I heard many time that people who attends college decides that the chosen field of interesting at the time, is not the best career for his/her future. For example, a student may be attending school for Law & Business and discover that to achieve the lifestyles envisioned, pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapist is more suitable. Even if a student isn 't sure about what career choice is wanted, having some college education will increase the chance of earn more money in the future. College education expands the amounts of opportunities available, which Increases earning potential. According to a Pew …show more content…

By actively participating in college it brings me satisfaction. Just by saying I am a college student, many people are fascinated. This generally applies to almost any college student. It doesn 't matter what one attends college for, simply attending college is impressive; Not only to others, but to oneself. For me, It brings a sense of proudness, because I 'm working hard to get a higher education and improve the person I am. By overcoming the challenge of getting a college education, I experiences an outstanding feeling of personal fulfillment. Other who constantly talking about going to college don 't get the satisfaction of achieving the task. By actually attending is the first step on the path to further

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