Attending Yale Analysis

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As a working class young man Danny goes into Yale, something unusual for someone with his background. He is from a middle class family in New Jersey. Even though things may not be in his favor all the time his intelligence and hard work has brought him up to here. Attending Yale is not easy, and going back and forth is hard as well. Both places are so different from each other. Each of them offers Danny different things to which some he finds hard to deal with and others pleasurable. He lives in two different worlds, Yale and New Jersey; feeling that he fits in both environments, but at same time he feels that he does not belong to any of them. Danny is constantly moving back and forth between New Jersey and New Haven for the holidays and summer. He loves his dad and supports…show more content…
No one said this would be easy for his dad or Danny. When he went back home he could see his dad was not doing well and it made him feel in a certain way sad. He said, “It was painful to compare this frayed version of my father with the optimistic, rejuvenated man he’d been the summer before… (p.21).” This reflects how Danny felt sorry about his dad, he loves his dad so much that watching him tired because of working in the food truck saddened him. His dad was so excited with his new business and getting sick will only make it run slow or even stop the new business. Danny did what he could to help his dad, even though working in the food truck was not a big passion of his he found some positive things about the job. “One nice thing about driving a lunch truck: people are almost always happy to see you” said Danny reflecting on his job at home (p.162). Being able to serve people coffee and other things made him feel good about himself, like if he was doing something good for others. While he was working in the food truck he experienced new things. One day while working Danny was threatened by a couple of men that
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