Attention Getter For Persuasive Speech On Ads

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Attention Getter: Show some Kalvin Klein 's advertisement pictures. The use of marketing campaigns is an easy way to reach consumers needs and fulfill costumer’s desires. Let me ask you a question, how many of us have seen these kind of ads? To be more specific, when we look to these images, how many of us has felt that we want to look just like them? We see these marketing campaigns everywhere; nonetheless, these campaigns have caused a controversial effect in our society.
Connect the topic with the audience: As a society, we need to get aware of what, how, and why does these marketing campaigns are around us and know the effects of them in order to understand any aspect before they cause any harm in our lives. External factors, such as books, internet, social media, and professionals can guide us as individuals to gain knowledge about this area in order to be less vulnerable toward to any marketing situation.
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Preview: Today I will show how marketing by the use of ads for both genders can reach customers ' desires and influence their purchasing objectives. Moreover, I will analyze the effects that the marketing campaigns causes in our

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