Attention Getter For Stray Animals Essay

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Attention Getter: Imagine living on the streets, constantly looking for your next meal and never knowing the feeling of companionship. This is the life of stray animals. Credibility Statement: No one really knows how many stray animals roam the streets, but it is predicted that there are more than 70 million stray cats in the United States alone. Central Idea (Proposition): By adopting pets from the American Humane Society or other rescue shelters, we can reduce the amount of stray animals on the streets. It is estimated that there are over 11 million Americans that support the Humane Society. Preview of Main Points: Adopting pets from the Humane Society rescues stray animals and puts them in loving homes, benefits not just the animal but you …show more content…

Review of Main Points: You will save money while still obtaining a new companion who has probably never ever known how it feels to have a home and to be loved. Also, by adopting from the Humane Society or animal shelter, you are not supporting the puppy mill industry or other cruel facilities in any way. Reaffirm Central Idea: Without the money that those facilities make from the sales of their animals, they will have no further choice but to stop their practices. The overpopulation of strays on our streets can easily be reduced if you choose the best option! Which is to adopt from your local animal shelter! Close with Impact: How would you feel if you were left on the streets, cold, starving, and had no one to care for you? By adopting your new pet from the Humane Society you will provide it with a loving home and you will also give another animal the hope of finding that wanted companionship that they’ve been missing their whole life. • Why wait? Adopt

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