Attic Insulation Research Paper

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Attic Insulation

As a homeowner, attic Insulation is one of the most profitable decisions you will make from a return on investment (ROI) basis. Specifically, energy bills (heating and cooling your home) average somewhere in the range of 50-70% for a typical home. Loosing the heating and cooling that you are paying for due to poor attic insulation is just a waste of money. Yet with the proper attic insulation you can reduce the loss of your heating and cooling, and also stop outside air from entering your home. Effectively reducing expensive energy bills and for those who are energy conscience an ideal”go green” solution that conserve energy and protects the environment.

How Attic Insulation Works

Owens Corning R-Value in inches
Owens Corning
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During the summer, the outside heat will make it way indoors to your homes interior. Your homes heating and cooling system works to maintain a consistent temperature based on you thermostat settings.

Attic insulation works to combat this natural occurrence by limiting air movement and is in an effective insulator. Insulation is rated by thermal resistance known as R-Value. R-Value is measured in inches and will vary by region with colder climates requiring ticker insulation levels.

Attic Insulation – Product of Choice

NuHome Exteriors recommends Owens Corning’s ProPink L77 loosefill insulation because of its thermal performance rating and highest coverage level in the industry (18% yield improvement). Owens Corning, with their 70 years in business and a fiberglass technology innovator, has been rated #1 for the past 16 years by Builder Magazine Brand Use for their insulation products. ProPink L77 is unmatched for coverage, performance and energy efficiency. Used in conjunction with the AtticCat Blown-In Expanding Insulation System.

Owens Corning L77
AtticCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation

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