Atticus 20: 13 Rhetorical Analysis

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I don’t have a problem with you!! Though it’s becoming really clear how you feel about me. Your comment is just dripping with contempt, and the condescending “just saying” at the end is the cherry on that sundae. I’m not trying to start drama or have some some futile Facebook comment war. I just have every right to defend myself.
Don’t worry — I have heard Leviticus 20:13. I’ve had it hatefully thrown at me more times than i can even count. But not once has it actually convinced me because- a quote isn’t an argument!
Again, I did state at the end that this wasn’t completely true and that I posted it because of the point it raises, that this isn’t some black and white issue- that the answer, “God said so” just isn’t an acceptable answer anymore.
Leviticus 20:13 is the Trump
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It is not a choice. WHY would someone CHOOSE a life that would be so hard!? The fact that people are born with their sexuality pre-determined is literally just a proven fact. I mean, I would link to all the science and studies into this, but what good would that do. Proof rarely changes peoples minds.
I’m not trying to fight, but it’s not something I can just ignore. You could never in a million years even imagine what it feels like when this comes up. It’s so indescribably hurtful in such a deep way, because It’s not my lifestyle being condemned, it’s an innate part of who I am. I go entire days without doing “gay” things. It has nothing to do with the WAY I live my life. I can choose to live my life however I want- but I’ll always be gay and I always have been. Virtually all of Leviticus get ignored, while my very EXISTENCE is an abomination. Not only that but you essentially just said that I should be put to death, because if you agree with the bible 100% then you’re saying you agree with that verse.
Someone who asserts that they have love for me, and yet at the same time is incapable of accepting me, has no love for

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