Atticus Admires Miss Maudie Essay

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1) Scout admires Miss Maudie because she feels the respect Miss Maudie gives her, Jem and Dill. She also loves Miss Maudie because she is a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man in her live to be happy. 2) Atticus accepted the job to defend Tom Robinson because he is trying to show Jem, Scout and the town that everyone is equal. He is hoping to change the town’s way of thinking that everything should be based off of skin color. 3) Scout fights with Francis and Cecil Jacobs because they called Atticus a ‘nigger-lover”. 4) Aunt Alexandra disapproves of Scout because she is non-ladylike and grows worse every year. 5) Uncle Jack later regrets punishing Scout because he realized he punished the wrong person after Scout told him his
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