Atticus Determination

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Any man or woman will be tested in life to see if they have what it takes to press forward, to grow in determination. With each victory that determination grows. In To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, three characters Atticus, Jem, and Scout, especially exemplify unprecedented amounts of determination. Time and time they face obstacles and each time they overcome them with incredible abstinence. Each form of determination these characters show tends to differentiate due to their personality. While Jem and Atticus have a sort of determination built from character, Scout tends to be more hotheaded in her determination. However, all three Finches resolve is unbreakable. Atticus, a struggling lawyer with two kids, faces a difficult decision. To defend a black man in a racist…show more content…
Although young she has a fierce grip on truth. This truth rarely compromises giving her a strong standard of what to live by. With this standard she faces life never relenting on what she believes to be right and fighting against anything she believes to be a lie. “I don’t know what you’re talkin’ bout but you better cut it out this red hot minute.” (83) These words were uttered by Scout in blind defense of her father. As her cousin begins to slander Atticus, Scout loses her temper and, despite not understanding the boy, defends Atticus without considering any facts. Even lack of evidence will not deter what she believes in her young spirit. Atticus Finch considers determination as a part of life, not a choice. His son’s determination, however, comes from passion to please his dad. For Scout determination comes naturally in her fight for what she believes. Any who opposes are shot down. These forms of different forms of determination do have an underlining theme; to push forward without rest, to give it your all, and to ignore the nay-sayers. This determination makes each of these people
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