Atticus Finch And Boo's Perspective

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Boo's Perspective Today, I went to the halloween carnival and pageant. There I saw a familiar face, the people who repeatedly tried to come into my house to see what was in it! One was dressed as ham. Then, when all of it was over, I started walking back home. The other person was knew I was following him. It was all nice and good until we came to the tree. There, the two people got attacked. “Shuffle-foot had not stopped with us this time. His trousers swished softly and steadily. Then they stopped. He was running, running toward us with no child’s steps.” Although they had sneaked in to my house before, I knew that in this case their lives were at risk and it was better to save them than to do nothing. I see that one of them is being strangled. So, I pulled the attacker off and carried all of them home. Later, we called the police and a doctor and the attacker, named Bob Ewell, is dead.…show more content…
I don't usually like meeting people but I really wanted to as I had saved her life. So I finally met her, and her name is Scout Finch. She said “Hey, Boo”. Then, I found out that the sheriff and a lawyer named Atticus Finch was looking to see who killed Bob Ewell. I was so scared at that time, so scared of what could happen to me. Fortunately, the sheriff thought that Bob fell on his own knife and Atticus Finch thought that a man named Jem killed him. Eventually, they knew I killed Bob, but they knew I did it for self defense purposes. So, they did not need to arrest or charge
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