Atticus Finch Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
This novel starts off with the narrator, a girl named Jean Louise “Scout” Finch describing to readers about something that happened in which her older brother, Jeremy Atticus “Jem” Finch, broke his arm and how it affected him afterwards. When she is finished explaining her brother’s broken arm experience, she continues on by going into her family history. Her father’s name is Atticus Finch and he is a successful lawyer in their town of Maycomb County. Atticus and his brother, Jack were the first two Finch members of the family to pursue a career outside of just typically taking over the family farm. Atticus and Jack’s sister though, Alexandra, stayed to take over the landing with her husband. Scout and Jem’s mother died from a heart
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They inform Scout of their plan and although she does not approve of it, she ends up accompanying them when they head over to the Radley Place. Scout and Dill stay back and observe from afar as Jem stands on the steps of the house. Suddenly, seeing a shadow of a man and hearing the sound of a shotgun, the three kids run and manage to successfully escape to the schoolyard. They decide to crawl through a fence as a shortcut route to run back home, but as doing so, Jem’s pants get stuck so he shrugs them off to free himself and sprints along behind Scout and Dill. As the three children arrive home, they are informed that it was Mr. Nathan Radley who had tried to shoot at a “Negro.” Atticus becomes suspicious when he notices that Jem’s pants are missing so he questions the kids about it, to which, Dill comes up with the excuse that they had been playing strip-poker resulting with Jem losing. Convinced, Atticus drops the subject. That same night during the early hours, Jem sneaks out of the house to retrieve his pants from the
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