Atticus Finch Character Analysis

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Parenting has no bounds. A parent can treat their child any way they want to. In the child’s eyes, they believe most things a parent will tell them, which may leave no room for an independent thought. Atticus Finch is a widowed father of two children; his daughter Scout and his son Jem. These are characters featured in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Although he is a fictional being, his lessons from 30 years ago or more can still have somewhat of an impact on a child today. Atticus is an appealing role model and an honest parent because he teaches his children virtues. He shares his observations and values with his children and lets them think for themselves. Mrs. Dubose is a sickly old woman who looked gross and disgusting in the eyes of Jem and Scout. She nagged them whenever she saw them pass by, sometimes saying offensive things to them or their family. In a fit of rage, Jem decided to ruin her front yard to try to teach her a lesson about not messing with his family. His consequence for doing so was to go and read to the old lady for two hours a day. He then read to Mrs. Dubose until a month before she passed away. Little did Jem know that she was a morphine addict, she wanted Jem to read for her so she could be distracted from taking her medication. Atticus told Jem; "She said she was going to leave this world beholden to nothing and nobody. Jem, when you 're sick as she was, it 's all right to take anything to make it easier, but it wasn
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