Atticus Finch Father

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Atticus Finch is a devoted parent, that does an excellent job at making his children believe what he wants them to believe. Despite the tough times they are going through at the moment, he knows what he wants for their future. In order for them to have the best life, he must be calm, gentle, impartial, and wise. Atticus uses his past experiences to make the lives of Jem and Scout better. While at the same time he does a favor for the community by setting a superior example for them. The Finch’s are living in a very tough time period, he must be careful about what he says to the children if he wants them to prosper. In the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, it says, “...I hope and pray I can get through it without bitterness, and most of all, without catching Maycomb’s usual disease. Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a Negro comes up, is something I don’t pretend to understand… I just hope that Jem and Scout come to me for their answers instead of listening to the town” (Lee 88). All their father wants is for them to be prepared for what is to come later on. He knows, from his previous experiences that anything to do with black people can cause a commotion and he doesn’t want Jem and Scout to get caught in the middle of it all. Not only is he a great example for his children,…show more content…
No matter where they are living or what time they are living, he does anything possible to make his children be the best they can be. Even if that means he must put his reputation if jeopardy in order to defend an innocent black man. Scout and Jem learn so much from him, especially after the trial. Not only do they learn how wise their father can be, but also how cruel the community can be towards certain people. The best part is that they know they have Atticus Finch as parent to rely on when in need of encouragement and
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