Atticus Finch Interview

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International Baccalaureate | Written Task about To Kill a Mockingbird
Made by Vivan Nguyen, V4E

This is Vivan Nguyen reporting, and we are here today with an extraordinary interview with Atticus Finch. Mister Finch is raising two lively children, Jeremy and Jean Louise Finch. He also works as a attorney whose most recent case was Tom Robinson’s. Mister Robinson was the unfortunate Negro who was shot dead trying to escape imprisonment after announced guilty. Atticus Finch will now tell us in details about his recent case.

How did you feel about being Tom Robinson’s determined attorney?

- At first I was quite upset when Judge Taylor asked me to take part in Tom’s case. Tom Robinson was a black man, who was seen as someone who was not worthy
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I cannot imagine seeing that man walking on the streets if I knew he had done something to my child. I would have wanted nothing to do with the man who did it. I would not care if it was a Negro or someone with a different skin colour, but the thing that he has done something to my child is already enough. Mister Ewell showed many aspects that made him in my opinion untrustworthy. He accused Mister Robinson of raping his daughter because he saw him doing something with his daughter, but he did not hear Tom’s side of the story he only wanted to think in his own way. He used his preconceptions about black people to judge the black man, even if the man was innocent. I would never accuse an innocent man if I knew he was innocent, but if I knew he was guilty I would take him to court in the hopes of him being locked up for the rest of his…show more content…
Afterwards she heard that one man on the jury, one of the Cunninghams wanted to acquit Mister Robinson. Upon hearing this she was relieved and wanted to invite his son for dinner, but my sister forbade that. On the other hand Jem was furious and cried. He cried because of the injustice of the verdict he always had thought that people from Maycomb were the best in the world but after this trial he did not think so anymore. The decision was indeed unfair, but it seems that only children cry and think about how careless people really are. Jem thinks that he is very mature in his way of thinking and therefore slowly turning into an adult. The thing that he does not know is that being an adult is not easy at all. They see the world from a different aspect than children
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