Atticus Finch Is Honest Analysis

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Who is Atticus? Atticus Finch, who is Atticus Finch? Atticus Finch is he a father, a friend, a teacher or is he just a regular man living in a small town in Alabama named Maycomb. That got assigned to the case of Tom Robinson a black man accused of rape. Well in this story he is all of the above. He is a dad of two children named Jean Louise Finch commonly known as Scout and his. Oldest child Jem Finch. So this brings me to the question of who is Atticus? Is Atticus Finch honest? Well to answer that than yes, yes he is because of the honest things that he does throughout the book and the movie. For example when he tells Scout not to beat up Cunningham Jr anymore at school because he called her dad a N***** lover. The reason Atticus is honest here, is because…show more content…
The answer is no. and why is that? Because after the trial Tom tried running and he was shot 17 times. Tom Robinson was put on to trial for being accused of rape of Mayella Ewell. He was found guilty and in the end he was killed. If it was a white man that was acued of rapping a woman I don't think he would be just let go. But certainly not the punishment that Tom got in the end. In my opinion the jury was tyrannical. Because the evidence that they had to call him guilty was only circumstantial. They all know he was innocent but unfortunately for Tom, they were prejudice. Which is ultimately why he is dead. So was Tom's death justified because he tried running away from something he may or may not have done? No not really because he should have never gotten that sentencing in the first place. So that leaves me thinking about how much racism there was back than. And how much our society has been more and more welcoming to black people and other racist, but we will never be perfect and there will always be racism in our world no matter what. Which makes me sad. But also happy for the bright future ahead and how much I think we will
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