Atticus Finch Monologue Analysis

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Today we are gathered here to rue the death of Atticus Finch. As most of you know I a Jim Finch and my sister is Scout. Atticus was a wonderful man. He was the best father anyone could ever want he showed us the good in people and helped us understand what's right from wrong. He taught us to love those around us and don't take anyone for granted. Atticus made me the man I am today he taught me most everything I know. I miss all the wonderful time we had together and i would do anything to spend a day with him again. Atticus always gave everyone a chance. He believed that everyone had at least a little nice in them, but some may just have to be looked at more to see it. He also believed that it was not okay to hate anyone. Atticus was a very…show more content…
This was Tom Robinson’s case, who was convicted of the beating and rape of Mayella Ewell. There was a lot doubt about Tom’s guilt, but however he was convicted guilty, mainly because he was a black man, and because the Ewells were white. Atticus had been picked to defend Tom Robinson in the case. I believe he was the best man to do this job, because he loved to help people. He realized her would not win the case, but he decided to argue it to the best he could. This case caused a lot of discrimination in Maycomb, and Atticus was hated. Although he was being hated on he did not let this affect him, because he knew he was doing the right thing. He could not have lived with himself if he didn't help Tom Robinson’s case. Even though he didn't win the case Atticus had stood up for what he thought was right and he would encourage other people to do the same. Atticus, despite his different personality, was an amazing dad and he would always tell us to do what we think is right. Atticus had many tasks to fulfill in his life. He had to care for his kids and defend those in need. But even tho he had all of these things he needed to do he always put in his best effort. Atticus was a fabulous man and will always be in my heart and many of yours, rest in peace, Atticus
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