Atticus Finch's Monologue

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As I was getting ready for school, I told myself, "I 'm so excited to finally go to school! I can 't wait to get there! I bet it 's going to be the best thing ever!"

Once I finally arrive to school, I realize what it is actually like. My teacher, Miss Fisher, doesn 't seem to like that I already know how to read.

Miss Fisher asks, "Your dad must have taught you how to read, correct?"

I replied, "Yes, ma 'am."

"It 's not his job to teach you things, it 's mine," she said irritated. "How am I supposed to keep my job if Atticus wants to teach you or other kids how to read?"

I didn 't respond. I began to feel bad for knowing how to read. Later at lunch, Walter Cunningham didn 't bring lunch, and Miss Fisher lent him a quarter for him to buy lunch. She told him that he could pay her back tomorrow, but his family was very poor. They paid my dad with goods when they needed legal help, and Walter would never be able to pay
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I walked up to Miss Fisher and tried to explain, "Miss Fisher, Walter won 't be able to pay you back. His family is very poor and," before I could finish, she cut me off.

She exclaimed, "Scout! This is none of your business! Go back to your seat!"

I said, "But Miss Fisher, I am only trying to help."

Miss Fisher then became frustrated.

She said, "You need to learn to worry about yourself instead of others. Lay your hand on this desk."

She then took a ruler from a drawer on the desk. She raised her hand back, and then with full force, she slapped my hand with the ruler. I broke out screaming and crying. All of the other kids became silent and scared of Miss Fisher.

On my way home I began thinking about how much I wanted to go to school earlier this morning. Now, I never want to go back. School is worse than I thought it would be. I thought of it as this fun place of learning and meeting new friends. I was wrong about school. I believed it would be the best thing in the world, but it 's the exact opposite. I wonder if it will ever
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