Atticus Influence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Atticus wants his children to be able to learn from their mistakes and experiences. Atticus also treats his kids the same way he would treat anybody else. If it is the Cunninghams, Ewells, or Negroes he treats them all with respect and equally. Atticus tries to influence and impact his kids, and wants them to be raised in the best possible way. He acts the same way around his family as he does in public. Atticus allows each of his children to be their unique self. For instance, Scout is a young girl who during that time would be expected to wear a dress. Scout is not the typical girl because she prefers to wear overalls instead of a dress. Atticus treats Scout and Jem as adults. Scout and Jem do not call their father “Dad’’, they call him by his first name “Atticus”. When the children have a question Atticus never sugarcoats his answer because he is raising his children to be moral human beings. For example when Scout heard…show more content…
Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” (pg. 39 Lee).

Experts Opinion: “Family Influence - Michael Teachings.” states that the strongest influence in our life is the family we grow up in. The family place and education you grow up in will affect the way you grow up and how you act. Our parents taught us the “proper” behavior. Atticus treats his children at young age to be like adults. Atticus expresses that he wants his children to learn how to be respectful at a young age so they know that for the rest of their lives. He wants his kids to understand that not everybody in Maycomb has the same life as they do, so he teaches them to be respectful of others like he is.

Symbol: A scale is symbol of how Atticus treats his family. Atticus treats people with equal respect like a scale that is balanced. No matter what the issue was he would always have his kids think about the other point of view to make their understanding
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