Atticus Is Unforthcoming

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Throughout this journal, I will be characterized Atticus as unforthcoming and good-hearted. Some reasons why I think Atticus is unforthcoming is because he keeps his worrisome emotions to himself. In the novel, Scout describes Atticus as, “...didn’t worry about anything” (Lee 184). Here is shows that Scout can look up to Atticus with nothing to worry because he handles the problems. Some of those worries come from Atticus’ work. Atticus tries his best to keep his kids out of his business mentality. Like in chapter 15, “I’m going out for a while, you folks’ll be in bed by the time I come back, so I’ll say goodnight now” (Lee 198). This direct quote displays, how willing he is to take his work out of the kids’ way of intervening. No matter how
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