Atticus Quotes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The first reason for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson is Atticus believes in intergrity. When Atticus is grist introduced in the novel ' To Kill A Mockingbird' Atticus is described as someone with intergrity. " Atticus the twin lawyer, tries to do what's best for his clients even if they don't listen to him." Atticus tries to have the best interest of others at heart. Many people In the town of Maycomb don't agree with Atticus and him taking on the case. " yeah but Atticus aims to defend him. That's what I I don't like about it. " Despite the people of Maycombs opinion on toms race Atticus still plans to defend him. Atticus stands up for what he believes is right in spite of fear. When Atticus goes to the jail house when Tom Robinson is moved
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