Atticus Sin To Kill A Mockingbird

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Would you agree it would be horrible if not sinful to harm something good and innocent like perhaps a mockingbird? In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee Atticus, the narrator’s father, says “Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” (pg.119) when telling her what she can and can’t shoot with her new air gun. Scout tells us that Atticus never says something is a sin; so why would he say that maybe to teach her it’s bad to harm a good and innocent creature. Atticus’s quote means more than just it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird but that it is wrong to harm or kill something that is innocent and does only good. The mockingbird is just a symbol of something that does only good because they don’t nest where they aren’t wanted; they don’t…show more content…
So when he was being accused for an unspeakable crime with Mayella when she was the one who tried to subdue him in kissing her and he rejected her you can’t imagine how he felt. Keeping this in mind think about when Atticus says to scout “You can never really understand a person… until you climb up into his skin and walk around in it.” (pg.90) and you were in Tom’s position you would feel horrible to have helped this person who is now trying to lock you up or give you the death penalty. Why would Mayella do this to him when he helped her and kept her company? Take a walk in her sink and you would see she was horribly lonely and was neglected all the time at home and then you did a unspeakable act of kissing a black you would want no one to know so you would call him a liar and say he did something horrible to her to get him out of the picture. In conclusion the quote “Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” teaches Scout and the reader that it would be wrong to kill or harm something good and innocent in the world because they are good and innocent, would make the world a worse place, and they do for us it. Finally think how you have treated people who are mockingbirds, how can you do something for them in return, and how can you become one of these people
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