Atticus Taking A Stand Analysis

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Atticus Finch is a smart,passionate man looking to do what’s fair and what it takes to turn the heads of others, for not only a good way but influential way too. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD By:Harper Lee Is a good classic novel made on July 11, 1960.This novel is about a middle aged man with two kids named Scout and Jem Finch.This novel is based around one main thing, taking a stand.Atticus is faced with a problem when a black man named Tom Robinson is accused of rape and the beating of a white woman, Atticus takes the case and is being bashed about it every day by the white community known as Maycomb.Atticus should have taken this stand because he is caring and has integrity. Atticus should have taken this stand because he is caring.In chapter 15 Atticus shows that he is caring when Atticus says “Are we going to…show more content…
“There is some men outside in the yard , they want you to come out.”Atticus always will stand up for his clients to the full extent. “Do you remember him beating your face? No I don’t recall him hitting me, I mean yes he hit me.” Some might say that Atticus should have not taken this stand because he was was treated badly.The people of Maycomb were very mad and very unthoughtful of the decision for Atticus to take the case because Tom is black. “He’s nothing but a nigger lover.”(Lee)Pg.110) However if Atticus hadn’t taken the case he wouldn’t be able to face his kids anymore.He wouldn’t have enough dignity anymore.He also wouldn’t be known as a racist. In conclusion Atticus should have taken this stand.He should have taken this stand because he is caring and he has integrity.Some people say that he shouldn’t have taken this stand.Atticus is a strong believer, he will stand up for what he believes in.No matter the situation or who is involved he will help if he believes you are
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