Atticus Vs Watchman

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Some may argue that Go Set a Watchman should be considered a classic since it’s a sequel to How Too Kill a Mocking Bird, but the morals that are reflected in How Too Kill a Mocking Bird is destroyed in Go Set A Watchman. “Mocking Bird” sets an example for kids to follow as Atticus promoting “all men are created equal”. “Watchman” is written as the total opposite and enhances on the idea of Atticus being racist and Jean Louise complaining about her life. These two books are nowhere near being worthy of comparison, one earned the title of becoming a classic, while the other is hoping one day to have been grandfathered in. In How Too Kill a Mocking Bird Atticus is portrayed as the ideal guy to be in life. Never was he judgmental, he was kind,…show more content…
She no longer seeks council in her life and has become very stuck in her ways. In the book, Jean Louise goes back and forth from reality to past memories when growing up. It seems nothing can be taken from this except Jean Louise complains about her boyfriend and father and her home Maycomb. No storyline from her perspective supports the values that she was raised with, never once is she willing to step into someone else’s skin and walk around in it. The book takes the life lesson we all want to succeed of understanding others perspective and demolishes it by the way Jean Louise carries herself. Majority of classics are read and studied in English classes at school. The actress that played Scout from How Too Kill a Mocking Bird hoped that Go Set a Watchman would become a classroom classic. Obviously, Mocking Bird is a great book to dive into and study the racism and equality. Teaching kids about the reality of history and now is very educational and a great life application to have. On the other hand, Watchman is nothing but bickering and arguing from Jean Louise. Studying about why Jean Louise will no longer is dating Henry or getting pregnant from boys kissing her is more for
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