Attitude And Motitudes In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” Harper Lee demonstrates three points. These points include the attitude and tone of the characters. The way the characters feel throughout the novel. This is important because it can have a great impact on the rest of the story. Lastly how the reader feels throughout the novel/what effect it gives the reader throughout the novel. This is also important because it makes us want to read me and allows to feel the emotions through another person’s eyes. (Scouts eyes) In the novel, Harper Lee shows the injustice that happens to Tom Robinson to be so powerful through the attitude and tones of her characters. Their many tones and attitudes but there is one tone and one attitude that ties this story up into a little red bow. The attitude is hope. Hope that Tom Robinson will be found guilt. Hope that all will be well. Hope for not only the future for the white people but the blacks as well. The tone of this novel is a bit harder to explain. It is full of remorse and hate, but also love. Love for each other and hate for the accusers and remorse for the accused. “We had such a good chance”...”I told him [my thoughts; however, in truth I couldn 't say] that we had more than a good chance.”...”I guess Tom was tired of white men 's chances and wanted to take his own.” These quotes show that Atticus believes that Tom had hope. A chance to be free once again, but in all the hate and disgust he figured he had no chance of breaking free. Even with all
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