Importance Of Attitude In Nursing

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Attitude When it comes to attitude, the first place a nurse need to look is at themselves. A nurse needs to have respect for themselves, their patients and the career. This positive attitude can be reflected though a performance appraisal. It is important for the nurse to examine themselves and the way that they practice, what they are successful with and the areas that can use some improvement (Kimmel, 2007). This also leads into ethics and making the proper decision for the patients. The bachelors prepared nurse is taught the critical evaluation skills and is able to evaluate the ethical aspects of the career at a higher level. After even a couple semesters in this program, I find myself looking at situations experienced on my unit very differently than ever before. I find it much easier to help families deal with the difficult situations that they may be faced with. As a bachelors prepared nurse there is a commitment to higher accountability and critical thinking. The bachelor prepared nurse often holds leadership roles and should lead by positive example and commit to a higher quality of care. There should be a commitment made by the bachelor…show more content…
This fits into the scope of practice in every way that it is written. The nurse should continue to educate themselves in order to better suit the needs of their patients. This does not mean that every nurse should obtain their Bachelor’s degree or they will not be able to manage their patients. Remember in the big scope of things, there is a lot of leaning that can be done on the job and from one another. This will have to be a personal decision for each individual person. You can continue to learn and expand the knowledge to care for your patients without obtaining your bachelor’s degree, but you will have more options with this
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