Attitude In Teaching Profession

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1.1 Attitudes and teaching profession Attitude is the inner feeling or beliefs of a person towards a particular phenomenon. It is a mental and neutral state of readiness organized through experience. Attitude includes interests and sentiments of individuals. An attitude is an observable set and they direct individuals to select objects, situations and ideas from the environment. The learning environment depends on the values and attitudes of teachers which are important in the teaching- learning process. Teaching profession requires certain dominant behaviours of teachers. This profession exalts service above the personal gains. The personality of students can be developed from the personality of teachers who are kind, caring, and ready to…show more content…
It is universally felt that the status of the teaching profession is to be raised to ensure its dignity. Teachers need to be meticulous professionals with knowledge and skill, personal qualities, ethical and moral values and commitment towards their work. Teachers should serve to keep the profession in the highest possible esteem as they are the nation builders. This code of ethics should be diligently followed and instilled in teachers like an oath to pursue truth and devote towards excellence. Teachers…show more content…
A teacher should play many roles in the classroom. Teachers should build up the competencies in techniques and strategies for knowledge acquisition, a tactics for peaceful and harmonious co-existence with others and actualize their own potentials. Teacher’s attitude towards teaching is the key factor for success of any institution. The world is always in a state of flux. Teachers should modify the methods of teaching according to the changing world and impart the right type of education for the future generations. Apart from mere imparter of knowledge, they have to be an interpreter of knowledge. Two main roles of teachers are (i) to construct knowledge (ii) transforming personality. The teacher should be a friend, philosopher and a guide who help their students in their journey of education. They should adhere greatly to the fundamental values that guide every individual’s life. A teacher

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