Advertising On Facebook Essay

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Dependent variable:
The attitude toward advertising on Facebook is the dependent variable of this study.

Independent variables:
Perceived interactivity, credibility, advertising avoidance and privacy are the observed factors in this study that influence the attitude toward advertising on Facebook.

1.6 Justification of the Research

The research is justified on grounds of:

• Rapid growth of Social media, especially Online Social Networks, both world wide and local. This justification is partly explained in section 1.1 (Research background). Online Social Networks are becoming the primary arena for highly targeted marketing and advertising and have become a medium for market practitioners to easily engage with potential consumers.
• Lack of research; it is clear that companies in Malaysia are
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In the modern world of internet technology advertising has reached another dimension with the rapid growth in social media, in particularly Online Social networks. The very first social network site,, was hurled in 1997 and later then it was identified as the foundation of all existing social network sites today (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). Many studies described the term “social Network sites” differently, though they have related meanings. Kaplan & Heanlein (2010) defined SNSs as applications that enable users to connect with each other by personal profiles, sending mails and instant messages. Jothi, Neelamalar, & Prasad (2011) described SNSs as online groups of people who share interests and activities with others. As for Bolotaeva & Cata (2011) SNSs are instruments for building virtual communities for individuals with common interests and activities. According to these definitions or descriptions, sharing interests and interactivity are the common goals of
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