Attitude Towards Learning English Language Essay

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In this chapter, I have summarized the key results attained from this study in accordance with the motivation and attitudes that the engineering students of PTU and Anna University have towards learning English language. In the next part, I have identified some of the factors that influence these students’ motivations and attitudes towards English language learning and English course syllabus. It is followed by the areas of change that the English syllabus requires to improve students’ level of English competence and performance. Finally, I have included some recommendations so that the English syllabus of these engineering universities can be improved considerably for the benefit of students as well as various English teachers of the engineering colleges.
The conclusions of this study are derived from the results attained from a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques which included personal interviews, classroom observations, a survey and an adapted version of the AMTB.
1 Most of the students of both the engineering colleges had shown positive attitude towards English language learning however, the interest shown by the students of RBIENT in learning a foreign language was little
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There were few teachers who had completed their PhDs; few were still pursuing it and few had only completed their MPhil degree. During the class observation, I observed that most of the English teachers had an adequate command of English; however in some classes it was observed that some teachers had problems in relation to their teaching methodology. As some of them gave quick directions in English without making sure that all of the students understood what they were supposed to do. Moreover, in order to finish the syllabus in time teachers used to cover the information included in the lessons through assigning large amounts of homework to

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