Attitude Towards Social Media

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Social Media is most useful mean of communication among people. Social media become a source of information of customer and it play vital role customer life and influence customer to make decision. Information on social media impact on customer attitude. Social media also help marketer to interact with their target customers and advertise their product and service. Social media become a part of society and corporate.
The study is conducted to know the Customers Attitude towards Social Media. The population of this study included the customers of Jalandhar district of Punjab and sample size is 150 customers and close ended questionnaire is used to collect primary data.
Keywords: Social Media, Attitude, SNS, Jalandhar
With innovation
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It will helpful to organizations to should prefer social media to promote their product and services to another one.

Review of literature:
Zyamn, Leonard-Barton and Sway, (1999) Traditional medium of marketing are not dying they are dead .
Oliveria and Sullivan,(2003) Brand impact on consumer choice. Consumer influence other customers. These chain affect repurchase which impact on future earning and sustainability of organization. eMarketer, (2007) Travelers used social media as a guideline for their trip. Review of places, Hotels, Transport, Restaurant, food influence on traveler’s decision. Travel agencies have used social media as a marketing tool to influence their customer by posting information (Photo, Warning, Advice or Personal traveler Reviews) on Social Media.
Kuruk and Krishnamurthy, (2007) Internet and virtual communities have transformed information , good social networking, increased communication ability of consumer, societies and corporation.
Lenhart & Madden,(2007) Analyzed that 41% of 12-13 years old users and 61% are 14-17 years old users use social media networking
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Forbes And Vespoli, (2013) Reveals that consumers buying both expensive and inexpensive products. Their decision of purchase product based on recommendation by their friends or their contacts on social media.
Pooja And Deshmukh, (2014) Social networking sites are popular among youth and mostly they are active users of social networks.

Objective of Study:
1)To study the impact of social media on consumer buyimg behavior.
2)To study the customer perception towards social media marketing used by organization.


H0: There is no significant relationship between awareness and preference of brands that are promoted on social media sites.
H1: There is a significant relationship between awareness and preference of brands that are promoted on social media sites.

Research Methodology:
In the present study primary data has been collected with structured close ended questionnaire from 150 customer of Jalandhar district of Punjab by using convenience
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