Attitude Towards Virginity Essay

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Attitude towards Virginity
With all the emphasis on virginity as a woman’s virtues’ Holy Grail, losing one’s virginity nowadays is not a big deal anymore. With the church continuously putting virginity as its modern day idol, the modern day women take it not as her “barometer of our righteousness and worth (Bessey, 2013)."
In this research, attitudes toward virginity refer to the different cultures, perspectives, beliefs, etc. of the respondents and participants. Their attitudes could be permissive or restrictive about on how they view a certain deed in sex, virginity and premarital sex.
Meanwhile, religion and culture are that two you cannot separate because there are a lot of religions and culture places an important value on virginity and
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She conducted an interview and asked her subjects if they see virginity as a gift or as a nagging title that needs to be thrown away. The results, those who perceive virginity as a gift have a complete control over their self and they wait for the partner that is worth giving up for. In contrast, those who see virginity is a nagging title seeing virginity is not a virtue, they also see that having sex is important in a relationship and they often begin having sex at a younger…show more content…
The youth are decreasing parental influence, increasing involvement in political and social discourses as well as the search for one’s self-identity coupled with greater sexual awareness and curiosity, and media had a contribution too in shaping the attitudes of the young, together with the continuous development of technology, that also further the shift of their knowledge in perceiving the meaning of
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