Attitudes In Consumer Behaviour

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Customers are individuals with likes and dislikes. When the people in a particular group feel one way or another about a product, entity, service, person, place or thing, it is said to be a generally customer attitude that will affect the market of that person, product or entity in positive or negative ways. Marketers strive to affect consumers attitudes, and understanding the prevailing attitude is the 1st step to changing it if needed.
One of the main reasons for conducting the market research is to understand consumers attitudes and Preferences. Attitudes will change the behavior. In market, the desired behavior is to buy a product or service. Marketers need to know what attitude obstacles exist in buying so that they can
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Despite the Marketers' best efforts; there might be little that can be done to dissuade such a belief if it's powerfully ingrained. Learned attitudes can be sensitively charged feelings that dictate behaviors which can even confuse the person exhibiting those attitudes. When marketers encounter consumers with learned -ve attitudes, they generally write off those groups as not worth the time and attempt to goal for market.
Positive Learned Attitudes
Consumers who have positive learned attitudes are routine customers permit for marketers. They tend to exhibit loyalty and purchase often as well as defend the product or service to others who may disapprove of it. They take demerits as a -ve reflection of the personality from whom they learned the attitude. The higher the consider they hold the original opinion holder, the more likely they are to hold on to their attitudes about a product or service.
Negative Experience
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Taking on the huge preventive measures that will facilitate to resist, identifying potentially negative attitude, impressions and preferences. Although evaluating these attitudes which stems from genuine, personal experiences or whether they are the product of marketing campaigns or popular prejudices. Performing their own direct surveys, and also studies a relevant research to find out the criteria and significant of variables that will affect a customers decision of whether to buy their product or service.

 If negative customer’s attitudes on the way to their product or service stem from an real experience with it, look for ways to revamp their offerings in order to resist these negative perceptions. Focus on directly addressing customers disappointment, based on the outcome of their research. Launching an advertisement campaign will help us to convey the changes that we have implemented, and identify the ways that they will more successfully meet consumers requirements.

 If consumers attitudes stem from social biases, targeting the markets and advertisement will help in the direction of creating impressions more encouraging to their product or service. For example, if customers view their product or service as a extravagance and this presents difficulties for us during tough economic times, rebrand it as a requirement or demonstrate ways that
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