Attitudes In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby, we learn more and more about the characters, Gatsby and Nick, as the story unravels deeper. Although these characters seem to have many differences, they have more in common than recognized. Throughout the novel, we see some corresponding traits between Gatsby and Nick. Despite these two having somewhat indistinguishable attitudes towards women and desires, they differ in their class, and their outlook and temperament. Gatsby and Nick in a way have the same desire and approach towards women. They both have that need to have a women, but they don 't seem to really care about the inner lives of them. Gatsby’s one and only love is Daisy, she is higher on the social class scale than he is, and married to Tom Buchanan. Gatsby is very passionate about her and has been for the entire five years they have known each other. He goes as far as to buy a house across the bay just so she would notice him. He also seems to not care that she is still married to Tom, and gets frustrated when she doesn 't comply with his request for her to ditch him. Nick on the other hand has a strong attraction for Jordan Baker. Both of them are on the same social status but, Jordan cannot make her own decisions and is controlled financially by her Aunt. Nick seems to altogether disregard her passion of cheating lying and being uninterested in other people and gets disappointed when she could care less about Myrtle 's death. Although Nick is attracted to Jordan, he doesn 't love her.

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