Attitudes Influence On Consumer Behavior

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Marketing is a business with the specific product or service in terms of the customer’s needs and their satisfaction. In order to extend the cognitive of the product in consumers’ mind, brand name and logo both are the main elements of a product and enterprise identity as they play a significant role in the communication between the product and consumer; however, name and logo are the first impression given by the product to consumers’ mind, therefore is one of the main reason why they both are a main component of a product. The article of rebranding mergers has stated how attitudes influence consumers’ choices, and this report aims to point out few interest and considerable topics, which basic about the influence of consumers’ buying attitude…show more content…
According to Chisnal(1995) and Engel et al (1995), brands attitudes are a composite of three different dimension: Cognitive, affective and behavioral). These three dimensions are highly inter-dependent and are forces to influence on customer’s attitude. Moreover, the article of rebranding mergers has stated how to decide the new identification after rebranding mergers. As we know that name and logo are both the most important component of guest impression. Therefore, the company should pay attention to the typology of the corporate identity structures. 1) One of the corporate brands’ name and logo: This decision usually happens when the lead organization wants to create a strong corporate brand. Using the original brand name and logo has a good influence since the corporate has certain popularity, people can identify the product when they look at the original name and logo. 2) One of the two corporate brands’ name and new logo: Using one of the two corporate brands’ name can inherit the history and attributes of the original brand. People always choose the famous brand no matter the quality is very similar or the price is higher.…show more content…
Consumer’s evaluation and attitude also distribute a significant influence to the brand and the brand alliance, it could influence the predisposition to behave towards a particular brand. Therefore, brand attitude is a principal factor that generates positive or negative impact towards the brand. There are three dimensions that are leading to influence on customer’s attitude. First, Cognitive dimension is a consumer’s beliefs and knowledge of a brand, which means a brands sign with a high awareness and familiarity have an important impact on consumers purchase attitude. Second, affective dimension is about the emotions and feeling of consumers towards of brands. According to Chaudury and Holbrook (2001), a strong influence from affective is related to purchase loyalty and attitudinal loyalty. Emotion and feeling would be the drivers of brand loyalty, that means the consumers are using or to repurchase a particular brand. Pricing or quality would not be a reason to affect brand loyalty consumers of their purchase behavior; furthermore, the linkage between brand loyalty customer and brand can distribute a positive impact towards brand alliance. Last but not least, behavioral dimension is an intention of what consumer plans to do. Being a brand client will have a significant impact on consumers’ preferences regarding the different corporate identity redeployment

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