Attorney Leopold Summary

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When exploring avenues to empower the Black community it’s crucial that there is a legal foundation in place to shield the vulnerable from any form of wrongdoing or exploitation. At the Law Offices of Chris Leopold aggressive advocacy for the rights clients who have been subject to wrongful injury or sexual harassment is paramount. Practicing law with passion, purpose, and a strong ethic of social responsibility, Attorney Leopold adopts as his vocation the uplift those in need, a philosophy instilled in him at a young age in his native Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mentor, educator, and man of faith are just some of the titles that could be applied to this accomplished alum of Southern University. Asked why he entered the legal profession Attorney Leopold’s response was exemplary of someone committed to expanding the possibilities of just treatment for all. “[Law] was the way that I felt I could effectuate change in society and in the lives of others.” This fundamentally inclusive and civically conscious approach to law is clearly revealed in Attorney Leopold’s influences. Among those who inspired…show more content…
Instead, education is “an ongoing process because the law is always evolving.” Perhaps this is the Chris Leopold Law Office’s most distinctive characteristic: its capacity to evolve in a rapidly changing society while ensuring that its clients receive adequate monetary compensation along with competent, affordable legal counsel within an overall framework of earned trust and integrity. All of these qualities make Attorney Chris Leopold a shining example of a Black business owner who has established a record of success necessary to generate long lasting collective progress. For this reason, the Spendefy Team celebrates his work as indispensable and a motivator for us all to
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